Whose Mousse

Oh hello there reader! Welcome welcome. The name’s Mousse, the blood’s Senegalese, and the status is always hungry.

You may be wondering “Why Mango Moussse?”, & if you were not asking yourself that question then the rest of this paragraph is pretty much useless, but read on anyways! Well, I wish I had an epic story behind the name, but I regretfully do not. Long story short, all my other ideas on blog names were taken. So I decided to go with my favourite type of cake and added an extra ‘s’ in the word Moussse because the regular spelling of that word was also taken. So, I had to think outside the box and beat the system somehow.

This blog will serve as my platform of expression on life experiences, and a space where I can share articles/pictures that I find intriguing from the information superhighway; i.e., the internet.

So make yourself at home, enjoy your stay, and no refunds.


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