All Africa Errthang!

My latest obssession is a Facebook page that I discovered after a friend of mine tagged me in a post about a superstar chef from the Congo named Victoire Gouloubi. After that, I decided to explore the page where this post was featured and giiiiiiirl, I was immediately hooked!!!!

Tyitelle Wax Your Life is a Facebook page by Christelle that is dedicated to “sharing good vibes and positive thoughts” as well as “bringing Africa & the world to your doorstep”. And I must say, the page does exactly that. Each picture, video, and article provides a great glimpse of the Motherland and what it is all about.

Home page of Tyitelle Wax Your Life’s WordPress blog

Even better, Christelle has an online blog! Her blog gives an even deeper insight on her love for everything African/Caribbean. Her blog posts ranges from fashion and music, to travel and books; truly an eclectic lady. En plus, elle est bilingue 🙂 Donc si son contentu vous plaît, suivez-la!

But I have to say that as awesome as her work is, my favourite aspect is the pictures she posts on her Facebook page. They all bring a smile to my face and a little tug on my heart that yearns to revisit home. So below are some photographs that serve as a coup d’oeil of her content from Facebook.

Thank you Christelle for sharing your passion with us and best believe I will continue to follow your Facebook page and blog regularly 🙂

I do not own the rights to any of the photographs below. No copyright infringement intended.



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