Have You Seen Their Childhood?

A few years ago, I posted an article that I stumbled upon on boredpanda onto one my social media accounts. I revisited this article and it still brought so much joy to my heart as it instilled the first time I read it. So why not share it with you all?

The gist of this article serves as a reminder that children’s minds are still as imaginative as their counterparts from previous generations. There is a general fear that with the surging advent and popularity of technology, it is becoming more of a hinderance than a facilitator for children’s creativity.

The images featured in this article encapsulates the notion of childhood in its most genuine form. Curiousity, playfulness, fearless, ingenious, and kindness are all words that could be running through one’s head when looking at the photographs.

There is so much innocence in each picture. Such pure lives unscathed by the evils of this world. They are our future. They should reap the benefits of being a child as much as possible because they only get to experience this period once. Childhood is life’s most marvelous season 🙂

Click here to read the full article and to see all 33 photos.

I do not own the rights to any of the photographs below. No copyright infringement intended.



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