Everything is Temporary

We all go through rough patches because, spoiler alert, life is not perfect (dun dun duunnn).

The severity of these difficult times vary from person to person. Also, what you may consider “not a big deal”, could be a really serious, life-changing, situation for others. I guess it is important to respect others’ moments of sorrow because we may not necessarily understand the full scope of it. But I digress.

It’s an inevitable fact that during our lives we will be faced with trials and tribulations. It sucks monkey butt, trust me I know; however, I truly believe that these moments of anger, heartache, and/or sorrow will not last forever.

Taking small steps to improve the situation is far better than doing absolutely nothing at all. It may take days, weeks, months, or even years to get through the obstacle, but so long as you’re making progress, then you’re on the right path. Let’s not forget that you do not have to go through the struggles alone if you do not want to. There’s a reason why we’ve been blessed with family members, friends, loved ones, and perhaps even unsuspected strangers. These individuals can assist in remedying your emotional and/or mental state by lending a helping hand, taking time to listen to you, or simply be a source of joy when you need it most 🙂 Selfless acts has no expiry date.

Who knows? Maybe the downhill journey is preparing you for a long uphill conquest where things will slowly fall back in place. Let the little spark of optimism and hope that is left in you serve as your guiding light through the adversity.

So to whom it may concern: Be strong, life will get much better and you’re going to look back at this and be thankful that you went through it because of the lessons you’ve learned. Just hold on a little longer. Everything is temporary ❤


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