In Living Colour

My mind has gone there again! It is travelling across to places I have never physically been to but WISH I could. It is an uncontrollable habit that I possess which simultaneously inspires 🙂 and irritates 😦 me at the same time.

I feel inspired because I am praying, working towards, and planning a future where I would be able to experience such wonderous places that I have yet to discover. But I am also irritated because GOD DAMMIT, my brain goes to these places without my consent (rude!) which in turns makes me envious…..of my…..brain? (is that possible?)

Anyscoops, my wanderlust brain (more like wanderLOST, am I right?!….ok that was not funny) is the reason that motivated me to create this post. I have always imagined this world as a colourful map where each continent is inhabited by such fascinating humans that live in historic, funky, quirky, and unique homes. And here is where the pictures below come in.

I was curious about places on this Earth that boast with colourful communities. So, I consulted Dr. Google and came across some stunning photos. I am pretty sure there are more places out there that I am not aware of that follow a similar pattern of painting its neighbourhoods in any and every colour, but here are the ones I found.

Now if only we could ALLLL lead lives into a future that is as bright as these colours, then perhaps we could make this world a happier place 🙂

I do not own the rights to any of the photographs below. No copyright infringement intended.

Sources of information: Telegraph, T+L, and World Of Wanderlust

Cover photo: Chefchaouen, Morocco


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