Eid Al-Fitr

The holy month of Ramadan has come and gone 😦 and as sad I am to see it pass, I know that it was a month well spent. Eating together with my family, serving community members that came by every Friday, and praying (whether it was by myself or with a group of people). But what I really enjoyed the most were nights spent just reconnecting spiritually by engaging in prolonged meditation sessions, reading the quran, and making silent prayers for all my family, friends, and loved ones.

Now a new Islamic month has sprung upon us and that is the month of Shawwal. But wait!!! Before we do, Muslims around the world must mark the transition with a feast, a party, a gathering, a CELEBRATION! It’s time for Eid Al-Fitr 😀 Click here to read about this time of year means to Muslims.

In the spirit of Eid, I wanted to include international images of people celebrating this occassion. I selected these photographs from articles on SBS, Al Jazeera, MSN, and Express.

I would love to wish all the Muslims our there a very blessed Eid Al-Fitr ❤ Hope it’s a beautiful time spent with loved ones and a time used to reflect upon your lives and everything Allah has gifted us with.




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