Oh My Africa

When I think of African clothing in general, I think of vibrant colours, eye-catching patterns, and exquisite jewellry to complete the look.

So I decided to dig up some images of people rocking their traditional attire. I did not images from all African countries, but rather a select few 🙂 It would be so interesting to know the history and meaning of the clothes that they put on, because I am 143.5% sure that there are significant meanings behind some of the pieces.

For some of the captions of the images, you will see that I included a particular tribe or group of people that specifically wear the clothes. And I am in no way saying that every single person from the particular country dress in the way that is portrayed here. Africa has thousands upon thousands of cultural groups, tribes, and sects that would probably require a gigantic encyclopedia just to explain each of them.

Without further ado, enjoy the lovely images that I put together for this blog 🙂

What are some traditional clothing from around the world do you admire? Let me know!

I do not own the rights to any of the photographs below. No copyright infringement intended.


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