Sensational Senegal

Senegal, Senegal, Senegal ❤ ! Although I feel a little distant from my homeland (since i have not visited in over a decade), I still have this sense of attachment to a place that I have never really resided in for more than 4 months. Fortunately when I am in Kuwait, I am surrounded by Senegalese people, news, TV shows, and customs so it’s as if I am there 😀 (almost……kinda……maybe…….ok not really 😦 TAKE ME BACK 😥 !!! )

I am so glad that more recently, we have been graced by amazing individuals that spend time spreading information about Senegal through pictures and blogs. It is a wondrous way to display the beauty and culture of Senegal on a global platform.

DL founders
Dakar Lives founders (Source: CNN article on Dakar Lives)

One of the groups that are striving to place Senegal on the global map of top destinations is Dakar Lives. The team behind this entrepreneurial initiave is made up of 4 young professionals (from left to right): Olivia Codou Ndiaye, Mamadou Wane (aka Papi), Mamy Tall, and Marouane Gasnier. The goal of Dakar Lives is simple: “We want to be a reference for Senegal, the go-to place to know what to do and who to meet.” – Mamadou Wane

And because the temperatures are rising and summer is soon to arrive, the Dakar Lives crew posted an article on their website highlighting 10 reasons to visit Senegal during it’s charmingly tropical months. The article features vibrant photos from their Instagram account to accompany each entry on the list. Reasons vary from tourist attractions, food (check out their Instagram page dedicated to African cuisine), landscapes, and more! Click here to read the full article.

DL screenshot
Source: Dakar Live’s “10 Summer Reasons To Go To Senegal”

Dakar Lives is the perfect source for all the happenings in Senegal so I encourage you to follow their work on several social media platforms:, @DakarLives on Facebook, dakarlives on Instagram, and Lives Originals on Youtube.

Photo source: DakarLives


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