What made you happy?


Hope you all had a fantastical week, and if you didn’t, I hope that the following days bring a sense of happiness into your life.

I would like to ask you to anonymously submit a moment in the past week (or if you want to, the past month, year, decade – go nuts!) that brought a smile to your face or made you chuckle because of how funny/awkward/awesome a situation may have been. You can post as many submissions as you want, at any time, and it can be about absolutely anything 😀 Click here to submit your moment.

All submissions will be posted on my blog on Friday 12th of May for the world to see. Let us all indulge in each other’s memorable moments, because you never know whose day you will have made better because of your submission 😉 Feel free to share this with your fellow followers.

Looking forward to reading them all !

Toodles poodles yawls!


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