‘Strong Woman’

This particular blog is special to me because I love to wear headwraps/turbans as part of my look. It is an accessory that I adopted for over 3 years now. I initially began to wear them because I had shaven my head and started the glorious process of going natural. However, as time progressed, I decided to keep wearing them for a few reasons:

  • It allows me to get creative with each look
  • It serves as a cultural connection to my homeland
  • I get to mix and match my outfit based on the headwrap/turban pattern
  • It’s the perfect excuse on days when my hair looks like a mythical rainforest

Cue Fanm Djanm!! A brand that is slaying the headwrap game, and one that is centre of all my headwrapping fantasies (yes, those exist). This brand was founded in 2014 by boss-lady Paola Mathé, a Haitian living in Harlem (and the woman I want to be when I grow up).

Paola Mathé (Source: Finding Paola)

Fanm Djanm is the Haitian Kreyol phrase for ‘strong woman‘. And based on their website, it is stated that this brand ‘serves to both empower and inspire women to live boldly. Fanm Djanm encourages women to wear a bold print, take command of a room, laugh a little too loudly, and pursue their greatest goals.‘ The picures below do just that; AMAZING!!

Although I wish I could include hundreds of pictures of headwrapped queens slaying Fanm Djanm looks, I will only showcase a handful. But if you are interested in Ms. Mathé’s work, make sure to check out Fanm Djanm and/or Paola on several social media platforms. Live life boldly by making a fashion statement, my friends 😉

Fanm Djanm: WebsiteFacebookInstagram

Paola Mathé: WebsiteFacebookInstagram

I do not own the rights to any of the photographs below. No copyright infringement intended.


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