The Setting Sun

Sunsets around the world 🙂


Ramadan Kareem !

♪ It's the most....wonderful tiiiiiiiiiime of the yeaaaaaaarrrrr ♫ (well, for me at least 🙂 ) The holiest month in the religon of Islam has arrived and I am absolutely THRILLED. One of the main reasons why is because I am finally going to be spending it with my family after almost 7 years away... Continue Reading →

Crack a smile !

There are times when we have those days when our tongue gets burned by hot coffee, we accidently get splashed by water from a passing car, we go in to pet a cute dog but it turns around and barks insults at us, or a Youtube video we're so eager to watch just.....takes.......FREAKING........FOREVER........TO.......LOAD (Woosah Mousse,... Continue Reading →

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