Grateful For…

I find myself saying “Alhamdoulilah” (which simply means Thank God in Arabic), more now than I have ever done so in my entire life. I guess the older I get, the more I realize that everything that is going on around me happens for a reason. This includes both the good and the not-so-fun times.

I had a meaningful conversation with a friend of mine yesterday where we indulged ourselves on the topic of being grateful. She mentioned to me that although her situation at home is not the most ideal, she is still thankful for everything she currently has in life. She stated that  matters could turn for the worse and she would still praise God because at least she is still living; she still has the ultimate opportunity to live another day to turn her life around. These are sentiments that I agree with 150% !!

I cannot believe how selfish I was as a child/teen with the blessings I have been provided with in life. I guess it was a time when I took them for granted and did not think twice about the possibility of having these blessings taken away from me at any moment. I do not think I would have been able to handle those ‘losses’ very well. I would have probably just thought “Why is this happening to ME?”. However, after really taking time to engage in self-reflection, I am glad to have been able to change such a mentality for something more positive and selfless.

Source: the Calm app

So yes, there are so many conventional and unconventional things that I am grateful for that adds a little extra sprinkle of realness to my life.

I am grateful for all my five senses (yes, even you, weak eyes). I am grateful for my family being alive and healthy. I am grateful for being the generally optimistic, happy and cheerful person that I am (sorry grumpy morning peeps). I am grateful for being able to let me emotions out when I feel sad or hurt (I am only human). I am grateful for my strengths. I am grateful for my weaknesses. I am grateful for the people that have entered and exited my life. I am grateful for the people who stick by me through thick and thin. I am grateful for the moments that made me explode with happiness. I am grateful for the moments that were so unbearably painful. I am grateful for the ability to express myself freely and teach a thing or two to those I meet. I am grateful for the times when I felt so unbelievably dumb and simultaneously humbled by such intelligent individuals. I am grateful for acheiving the successes that I have. I am grateful for the failures that I have gone through.

But overall, I am grateful for getting the chance to live this spectacular life, in a wondrous world, that is being shared by such brilliant minds and souls.

Alhamdoulilah, Alhamdoulilah, Alhamdoulilah !


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