Inheriting Awesomeness

Parents. Siblings. Grandparents. Godparents. Extended family. Guardians.

No matter who it was that we looked up to as role models in our upbringing, we should always be thankful that they were present in our lives. Providing us with food, shelter, love, support, and life-lessons; I only wish that one day we are able to pay them back for everything they have done for us. Whether they are still with us here on Earth or have passed on, the people that looked after us are/were God-sent angels for sure.

In my case, I was fortunate enough to have been raised by my mother and father. There is no other people in this world that I love more than I do them. I want to live and lead my life in a way that would make them proud.

With each passing year, I recognize certain traits that I possess and begin to comprehend that a few of them can be attributed to my parents. Certainly there are many traits I can go through but I will go through three that I believe were genetically passed down to me by mon pere et ma mere.

Meu rei (My King)

1. Side-splitting humour: my father is the funniest man I know. I can remember some jokes that had me crying from laughter to the point where I almost urinate. I am the ultimate goofball and is probably the most prominent part of my personality.
* Side note – My hilarity level varies from person to person; however, if you are not laughing at my jokes then I am 100% sure you have no soul. KIDDING :D………..maybe

2. ♫ Work work work work work ♪: It was not until I started my university career when I realized that I loved to keep myself busy. Whether it was engaging in an assignment, studying for an exam, or completing tasks at work, I loved the idea of havings things to do. Taking a break did not make sense to me because it made me feel like I was not being productive. My father is a workaholic and so I definitely inherited that from him
* Side note – I also discovered this magical thing called procrastination at university

3. Low tolerance for bullsh*t: Aaah yes, a trait that I wear like a freaking tattoo. Due to experiences that I endured in my past, I have conditioned myself to not give the time of day to insignificant matters (people, comments, problems). Especially knowing that these matters will not be adding any sort of value to my life. Living life care-free of such unnessecarily negative elements is the way to do it peeps!
* Side note – Need someone to give you a free analysis on what problems are important/not important in your life? Contact me anytime

Minha rainha (My Queen)

1. Generosity: My mother always gives selflessly, and this is a personality trait that everyone that knows her always bring up. Her heart is made of gold and she treats everyone she meets like family. My mother taught me that 🙂
* Side note – This does not include plates of food. What’s mine is mine, so you better think twice before asking me if you can have a piece of my burger, BECKY! #SharingIsNOTCaring. KIDDINGGGG…………………..maybe

2. Keeping in touch with others: I don’t think anyone does this better than her. She has people in her contact list that she’s known for decades and still manages to touch base with them on a monthly basis. I used to think that this was an exhausting practice but then I caught myself doing the same. It is a satisfying feeling when a random “hello” is being sent to you from somebody that you have not heard from in ages.
* Side note – I will never send a random hello to Becky though……..

3. Looking presentable: My mother has a way of carrying herself in a way that is so graceful, and she does it so effortlessly. Now, if I was being me, I would run errands around a city in a messy turban, an oversized shirt,  basketball shorts, ankle socks, and a comfortable pair of slippers (*sigh*that’s the dream). Instead, I attempt to emulate my mother’s poise and elegance
* Side note – There are times when I think I am being graceful but instead I am just an awkward giraffe who has baguettes for legs. Mama i’m trying 😥

Mama & Papa, you two are my superheroes and I am forever grateful for your presence in my life.

Your obvious choice for favourite child (shhh!!! the others don’t know)


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