Embracing Your Roots

On April 4th 2017, the republic of Senegal celebrated its 67th year of independence from France. And with that in mind, I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce to those who don’t already know, the Senegalse model, Khoudia Diop.

This young lady’s stunning photos and inspirational videos have been making the rounds on various social media platforms. Diop, also known as the Melanin Goddess (YAAAAAS GURLL!!!), is the epitome of the perfect role model. Although she was bullied growing up due to her dark complexion, she used those moments as a lesson to embrace her God-given looks and is encouraging girls and women out there to do the same.

Khoudia article
Source: OkayAfrica

On the day of Senegal’s independence, OkayAfrica posted an article which featured sensational images from a photoshoot Diop took part in that showcased traditional attire from the Senegalese caste that her family comes from; this caste is called Nyenyo.

Victoria Jones from The Colored Girl explains that “Nyenyo, also known as ‘teug’ or ‘ngengo,’ are the blacksmiths and metalworkers of the Senegalese caste system. In her family’s case, they are jewelry makers and gold workers”. She also adds by saying that “…Khoudia embraces her Nyenyo heritage and doesn’t see the label as a hindrance.” And boy does she ever!!!

Take a gander at some of the pictures below. More photos and an interview with the Melanin Goddess herself can he found here.
Photos credit: Joey Rosado


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