Where to next?

I am so envious of the people who are fortunate enough to travel the world and discover its many wonders. I can spend hours and hours scrolling through articles and pictures of places that have been visited. I mean how can you not? This world is home to such exotic and phenomenal places that only the mind can ever dream of (ever heard of El Nido in the Philippines? GOOGLE IT!!!!! It is absolutely breath-taking :O).

Bridie Pearson-Jones recently posted an article called “The one thing you must see in every country, according to tourists” on Indy100. These were were selected based on traveller suggestions that were submitted on Trip Advisor. They range from historic sites, natural landmarks, religious establishments, and touristic areas.

Where to next map
Source: Indy100

For example, the place recommended for my homeland of Senegal (brap brap!!)  is ‘La Maison des Esclaves’ on the well-known Gorée Island (one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre entrant). While the place recommended for my hometown of Kuwait (another brap brap!!) is Avenues Mall………yup, a mall…………okay then! I mean sure, I guess it is quite an impressive structure as it stretches over a kilometre in length and has more than 800 stores. EIGHT HUNDRED Y’ALL !! Aaaaannndd they are adding more structures to the mall. Madness I tell you! Hmmm ok, I guess I see why it made the list.

Nevertheless, this article may be a useful resource for any of you thinking of hopping on a plane, bus, train, boat, (camel?) soon to travel to your next bucket-list destination. Wherever you end up going, may it be a kick-ass trip! Travel far and travel often my wanderlust friends 🙂

Photo credit: Travel Weekly – Asia


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