Crack a smile !

There are times when we have those days when our tongue gets burned by hot coffee, we accidently get splashed by water from a passing car, we go in to pet a cute dog but it turns around and barks insults at us, or a Youtube video we're so eager to watch just.....takes.......FREAKING........FOREVER........TO.......LOAD (Woosah Mousse,... Continue Reading →

Grateful For…

I find myself saying "Alhamdoulilah" (which simply means Thank God in Arabic), more now than I have ever done so in my entire life. I guess the older I get, the more I realize that everything that is going on around me happens for a reason. This includes both the good and the not-so-fun times.... Continue Reading →

Inheriting Awesomeness

Parents. Siblings. Grandparents. Godparents. Extended family. Guardians. No matter who it was that we looked up to as role models in our upbringing, we should always be thankful that they were present in our lives. Providing us with food, shelter, love, support, and life-lessons; I only wish that one day we are able to pay... Continue Reading →

Embracing Your Roots

On April 4th 2017, the republic of Senegal celebrated its 67th year of independence from France. And with that in mind, I thought now would be the perfect time to introduce to those who don't already know, the Senegalse model, Khoudia Diop. This young lady's stunning photos and inspirational videos have been making the rounds... Continue Reading →

Where to next?

I am so envious of the people who are fortunate enough to travel the world and discover its many wonders. I can spend hours and hours scrolling through articles and pictures of places that have been visited. I mean how can you not? This world is home to such exotic and phenomenal places that only... Continue Reading →

Once A Stranger

Do you ever go back and wonder about the random strangers you had a brief encounter with on certain days? The random dude you made awkward eye contact with at a café. The lady who offered to help you carry your bags when your hands were full. The little toddler who played hide and seek... Continue Reading →

My beloved Sénégal

When I mention to the curious members of society that I come from Senegal, 6.5 times out of 10 I get responses that include but are not limited to: "Somalia? Sudan?" *confused face with a not-so-reassuing "Oohhhh!"* "Where is that?" "El-Hadji Diouf!" (former Senegalese National Football team superstar) "I love Akon" Either way, what I... Continue Reading →

You Do You

Chicken legs, banana face, small head, high butt, too-many-teeth, skeleton; boy have I heard it all when it comes to my physical appearance being critisized. There was a period of time in my life when any negative comment about my body would cut me deep and I would spend hours or days trying to figure... Continue Reading →

Multicultural Identity

For those of us fortunate enough to have grown up in multicultural societies, we most likely have adopted certain behaviours from the various cultures we were exposed to. The people I went to school with and the people I currently know come from a multitude of countries and reflecting back on this made me realize... Continue Reading →

Ya Ahla Balad

One aspect that I missed so much about Kuwait after I moved away (besides the food, good God almighty the food), was being able to partake in it's National and Liberation Day celebrations. After almost a 7-year hiatus, I was excited to experience the thrill of Kuwaiti patriotism like never before on it's National Day.... Continue Reading →

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